Beatles Mania!

I recently visted the world famous ‘Hard Days Night’ hotel in the centre of Liverpool, from the moment I stepped through the grand doors I was welcomed with a regal staircase I knew from that moment that it was going to be a great experince. Having alot of family from Liverpool has meant that I’ve always felt an affillation with the Beatles because I grew up listening to them and alothough they were never a formed band in my lifetime I can still appriciate and enjoy the fantastic music they created and changed a generation with!
When walking up the staircase I was greeted with the ‘Beatles lounge’ lavishly decorated with orginal pictures of the line up pre ringo and when they were called ‘The Quarrymen’ with orginal sheetmusic lining the ceiling and newspaper cuttings covering walls about the Beatles growing success.

Biggest bed I have ever seen!

All the rooms have different themes, the room we stayed in had a ‘Ringo Starr’ theme, with an extremely large portrait of Ringo from the Sgt Pepper signature brightly colour military outfit. The picture was outstanding, I kept thinking it was a real photograph, this picture I have taken hasn’t done it much justice the emotion captured in his eyes and his facial expression was very moving to look at.

After arriving at the hotel and settling into the room, we decided to take this Beatles themed weekend very seriously and went round the corner to the Cavern where the Beatles first performed as a band. The atmosphere was electric and the buzz was contagious, walking down the narrow staircase into the Cavern you walk into a large room lined with Beatles and other musicians memorabilia. There is a modest stage to the right and the bar straight in front of you. I felt as though it hadn’t been changed at all since the Beatles had performed there to keep its authenticity.

The Cavern Club is opposite the Cavern Pub, this is the main place where the Beatles used to play. Whilst in the pub a four man band started to play, as they were playing I thought to myself they must be on top of the world because to real up and coming musicians and music lovers playing in the Cavern must be an honour even if it is a little bit scruffy and dated it is world wide famous venue and is more than impressive to say that you have played there.

I loved the Hards Days Night hotel, and defiantly feel more knowledgeable about the Beatles now!

a lovely little tune for you…