Tales of the Underground ‘MIND THE GAP’


What is it with the underground? It is as though the minute you step onto a tube train you become invisible to those around you. Everyone acts as though no-one else is there and it’s confusing yet compelling to watch. As a commuter you see people at an early hour in the morning, starting their day and most if I’m honest decide to start their day in the most unfriendly and dour way. As people reach religiously for their daily dose of The metro and insist on reading it in the most awkward positions possible, its getting ridiculous! It got to the point the other day when I was stood up and I found a corner of the Metro had made its way up my nose and of course no-one even flinched. The whole ebb and flow of the Underground confuses me, its completely underground, people are technically walking on your head and they’ll never know you exist. You get no signal underground and in a world ruled by Blackberries and iphones this can prove somewhat annoying, people rely so heavily on their phone now that for those few moments you are underground your whole life changes you could of gone back 100 years and there would be no difference, its almost refreshing.

I was born in London and have used the tube since I can remember and the feeling I get when I step onto the high speed cylinder is always the same, that feeling that even when your surrounded by people you are completely isolated, cut off its like another world within our world. I don’t know whether the dynamics will ever change on the underground, maybe one day when you smile at someone they will break the unwritten rule and smile back at you rather than bury their head deeper into their copy of The Metro!


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