Oraganisational Skills : LISTS.

This is something that baffles me, and I think will continue you to confuse me for the rest of my life.. how do people keep so top of things? I’m a very big fan of lists, sometimes I feel like lists rule my life, everyday I seem to have developed a new list, lists that I write in my diary (not a ‘dear diary’ diary more of a planner) I feel the need to use a diary religiously… it goes everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE with me I would be like a headless chicken without it.

It organises my entire life, whether its ‘pop to the shops to buy some milk’ or ‘you have a job interview’ I feel the need to write absolutely everything down, it’s as if I think if I don’t write it down this little chore is going to slip out of my brain and will be lost forever. I think I will always be a diary user and yes I am one of those annoying people who will get my little book out in the middle of the supermarket (often in the most inconvenient place) to look at my lists.



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