my recent awkward encounter on a train…

I’ve got to admit, I’m not public transport’s best friend I will opt to walk over taking public transport and do on a regular basis as alas I cannot drive (22 years old, pathetic..I know) but I was going somewhere the other day and there was no way around it I had to take the train! I don’t mind the train so much, but the bus is my enemy!

So I got on the train the other day, completely oblivious to who was around me and grabbed the first available seat, whacked out my ipod and started listened to soothing tones of Mr. Sheeran when I felt this nudge next to me. The man I was sat next to was obviously getting settled for the night and was taking a nap.. fair enough a lot of commuters do this, this is common knowledge.

Two mintues later the nudge had turned into this man positioning his head on my shoulder, now correct me if I’m wrong but the situation suddenly became strangely intimate for two strangers who just happened to be sat next to each other. He woke up, all embarrassed and flustered, I laughed it off and said the standard response to anything ‘Its fine’. Five minutes later, the same thing happened I had a head on my shoulder again.. but this time he didn’t wake up and had fallen into a deep sleep.. I was a good 20 minutes away from home. I started to internally panic, ‘Should I wake him up?’ ‘Should I act like this is normal?’ ‘Will other people around think this is weird?’ then my panic stricken thought pattern was broken by.. the dribble. Yes a complete stranger not only used me as his own personal pillow, but then dribbled on me. This is low point in my life, that I for some unknown reason have decided to share.


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