The Mighty Take That!


We went to see Take That’s Progress tour on the 9th July at Wembley Stadium and it was simply INCREDIBLE!

We got standing tickets because in the past seating down has been good, but we wanted a more intimate experience and the chance to get up close with Take That!

The Pet Shop Boys supported Take That which was great because they have quite a techno sound which worked well with Take That’s new sound. They had rather bizarre dancers who had blocks on their heads and danced like this for about an hour!

Pet Shop Boys

When the PSB’s were finished, Take That didn’t take long to grace the stage. There was a large screen with a clock on it counting down to 8.15 it was very exciting the atmosphere in the stadium was pure electric you could feel everyone willing Take That to come onto the stage. The second the clock counted down from 10 to 1 sure enough there they were, the awesome foursome (Robbie was set to join them later in the evening)  stood only a few feet before me we had got so close to the front it was amazing! We also discovered that it was their last night in England before starting the European tour.

As a four they opened with ‘Rule the World’ then sang ‘Greatest Day’ which then led onto ‘Patience’ and was then followed up by ‘Shine’ which they gave an Alice in Wonderland theme, but alas a member was missing?

YES, I was genuinely this close to him no zooming involved!!!!

Robbie was out of this world, the way he can captivate a whole stadium is amazing, he sang several songs including ‘Feel’ (my personal fave) ‘Come Undone’ and of course the biggy ‘Angels’ I looked round and I saw at least 5 women crying during it! After he had his own section which was most probably about half an hour long he then rejoined his band to sing ‘The Flood’

I found this bit mesmerising, it was one of the most artistic displays I’ve ever seen let alone at a concert. This is meant to mimic the album cover of ‘Progress’ and each stage of the man growing is made up of several different acrobats. Moments after this water started to pour down the display and the dancers climbed up and down the wall whilst the water was coming down, which then led swiftly into ‘The Flood’

They sang most if not all of the songs from the Progress album and they also sang some of the classics including ‘Back for Good’, ‘A million love songs’ and ‘Everything Changes’. Towards the end of the concert they sang their recent hit ‘Love Love’ this is when and I’m not exaggerating Mark Owen went over my head nestled in the robot’s hand I was looking up at him and caught his eye line, bless a kiss at him and he caught it and winked at me as you can imagine this was extremely exciting!

Throughout the concert there was a robot hunched over on the stage, it would begin to slowly grow and would get taller and taller which resulted in the robot complete stood up at the end when they sang the iconic song ‘Never Forget’

The concert was unreal and I CANNOT wait for the next one! As we left the stadium they played their new song ‘When we were young’ I love it …

Also can’t wait to see Gary judging on the X factor panel!


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