Graduation.. scary stuff

I Graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University on 18th July 2011, I don’t feel old enough to be in University let alone graduating. Very Strange! We began our day at 6.30am we had to drive from home to Leeds and be there for around midday I had to be up this early to put some rollers in my hair and get ready and generally faff about before we had to leave at around 8am! We got there in good time just before midday, we arrived in a very dreary and rainy Leeds which was annoying but cant be helped!

There was a lot of standing around, chatting and catching up with people I hadn’t seen in ages which is always really nice!! When we went into the main hall (Leeds Met’s Tennis Centre) it was quite daunting to think that we were going to go up on stage in front of hundreds of people, but everyone was in the same boat so I quickly got over my unnecessary nerves. Due to the how small our course is we were the first group in the whole ceremony to go up and collect our certificates, because we were the first group we weren’t sure what was going on and just before my name was called a women whispered something to me  didn’t have a clue what she said to me and I still don’t know what she said but it cant have been that important because it didn’t seem to affect anything on the day.


The whole day was great fun and I throughly enjoyed it!


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