Mersey Tunnel Run 2011

The day finally arrived that after a whole (2 weeks) of training – I know Pathetic! I was finally going to run through the Mersey Tunnel from the centre of Liverpool, through the tunnel then on the Merseyside part of the run the main stretch was along the Mersey from Seacombe Ferry right down to the finish line at New Brighton where my Dad lives. There was a few of us doing the run … all male apart from me! The night before the run we went  out for a nice meal, which was fun but everyone was very focused on the run. The next morning everyone was bright eyed and bushy tailed and fully ready for the run, I was feeling nervous but very excited! We attached our numbers to our tops and that acted as our ticket on  the train which was great for the council to provide us with free transport to the start of the race.

At the time I thought I looked like a budding athlete but now I look back I looked completely ridiculous, I was head to toe in Nike sweatbands, headband, top, and trainers all Nike its I was sponsored by them or something?

As we approached the start line I began to feel really nervous and a little sick, I regretted having that yogurt for brekkie! The loud signal was fired and we were off! Everyone began to sprint as though their life depended on it, I took a more laid back approach to it and took my time I knew that if I sprinted off at the beginning I would struggle big-time not long after! I was enjoying it, had my Ipod in blasting my favourite songs and I kept looking behind enjoying the fact that all I could see were hundreds of heads that I was in front of! I ran through the entrance of the Tunnel and was suddenly met with an overwhelming stuffiness and what felt like lack of air, its was very uncomfortable and I want to be out of there asap! The road began to become a gradual hill, the hill then became a steep hill it’s amazing because I have been through that tunnel countless times in a car and not once have I ever noticed how steep it was well now I did because I was running in it! I began to become extremely tired in the tunnel and thought ‘I NEED to stop NOW’ I didn’t want to stop, I felt defeated if I stopped but I knew that if I carried on I’d have to stop eventually, so after a very long drawn out argument with myself I decided the most logical thing to do would be to walk up the hill and then run as soon as I was out of the tunnel and then I wouldn’t have to stop, okay , this was a good plan, so I stopped. After a couple of minutes of enjoying walking in the tunnel my Dad caught up with me and walked with me until we reached daylight again and ventured out of the tunnel. Whilst we had all be running/walking through the tunnel it had began to rain, heavily. Which to my surprise was actually very refreshing and rather nice.

Now we were of the Merseyside side of the run, we were halfway (well not quite) but I felt that I had already achieved quite a lot. I ran the whole rest of the way which was probably about 4 miles, it was very enjoyable because it was along the Mersey most of the way and was very flat at times I was so wrapped up in what song I was listening too I wouldn’t even noticed I had just ran a mile or two, it was great! Because the second half of the run was so flat I could see the finish line from quite a distance away which I found extremely motivating because the nearer I got the more exciting it would be, the nearer I got to the finish line there would be more and more local people on the sides come out to support us and help us finish the race!

I ran it in 69 minutes which I was pleased with, I’ve never been an avid runner and I stupidly only did 2 weeks training so I was pleased with my efforts. 

Finally at the finish line!

Here’s me (blue top) at the finish line looking like a complete sweaty mess, but a happy sweaty mess none-the-less! I would highly recommend doing a 10k run to anyone who is looking to improve their fitness but doing it in small, manageable stages. It was so much fun and doing it through the Tunnel added a novel aspect to the whole thing!


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