My new hobby…Sweating!

Okay, so my new hobby isn’t just sweating but it does seem to involve ALOT of sweating. I’m doing a 10k run through the Mersey tunnel in Liverpool next Sunday 12th June. Had an interesting chat with my Dad a few weeks ago (for the benefit of those who don’t know my Dad lives in Liverpool hence why the run is in Liverpool) He informed me that he had been running 10k every sunday and was beginning to find the whole thing pretty easy… Felt like hanging up. I go for a 20 minute run and I feel like an Olympic Athlete! I thought to myself, this will not do I will not be beaten by three men nearly triple my age!

So I decided (2 weeks ago) to draw up a ‘fitness schedule’ which I would follow strictly. This involved a 20-30 minute run every morning, then a cheeky trip to the gym and if I was feeling very energetic a pool session afterwards. This has been going pretty well, some days I can’t fit in all three activities but I always have my 20-30 minute run (I like to tell myself this is the most important, mainly because I find it easiest) I feel I’ve progressed quickly, as my first run last week involved me coming back in bits and then being sick in a plant pot… this isn’t happening anymore you’ll be happy to know!

I have a varied yet very motivational playlist including alot of Take That, SOS, The Flood, Greatest Day and Love Love being the key songs. I’m finding the Saturdays good to run with ‘Higher’ is quite tune and it makes me want to go ‘Higher’ and of course when I’m at my lowest, when I feel like my knees are giving up and are no longer part of my body, when the stitch is so painful that I’m literally limping along.. I bring out the ultimate tune ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ and that somehow gets me through.. (Just read this paragraph back, I’m sorry for the amount of cheesy lines, but I feel it is necessary)

I am really looking forward to the run, I know this whole post has been very cheese riddled but it’s the feeling of accomplishment after the run, that ‘after run glow/feeling sick moment’ that is what I am striving for! WISH ME LUCK… I need it!


3 thoughts on “My new hobby…Sweating!

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post!!! Carry on writing more!!! A few more running songs i suggest, Don’t Stop Me Now- Queen. Eye of The Tiger- Survivor, I Can- Blue, 500 Miles- Proclaimers, Beautiful People- Chris Brown.

    Hope this gets you through the run, and I don’t hear you have collapsed!!

    I know some of your family are from there, but I’m gonna do it, if you do collapse, keep your hands in your pockets!!!


  2. Haha! I enjoyed this!
    I am doing a 10k in July and only managed one run so far, which resulted in me also nearly being sick- and then not being able to walk for two days.
    I’m sure an all inclusive holiday isn’t going to help me all that much either.

    Good luck with the training 🙂 xx

  3. Haha sick in a plant pot…better than on the PE teacher’s shoes eh?!?
    Love you embo….GOOD LUCK!!!!
    P.S – in future, don’t admit to all that cheese in social situations. might help you in life…. xxx

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