What am I going to do?

I am just about to graduate from Uni, with a Journalism degree (hopefully a good one) and I cannot decide what I want to do… Yes I’ve applied for jobs in the industry and yes the jobs I have applied for I am interested in BUT it’s going to be a big change. Being in eduction all your life does institutionalise you a little bit.. I’m not trying to compare myself with Winston from 1984 or anything I’m just saying I’ve never been out in the big wide world before and as much as I am excited some of that excited is turning into nerves and panic.


I know its very normal to feel like this, and I guarantee if you were to ask many other students up and down the country how they were feeling at this current moment in time I’m sure their answer wouldn’t differ far from mine but what I am really worried about is not being able to fulfil my true potential. If I am nervous, what if the interview goes wrong? Or what If I seem over confident will that go against me? All these queries are constantly fluttering round my head like an over active butterfly. Its a big question; what am I going to do with the rest of my life? Hopefully soon I will be able to answer this, but for the moment this will be left TBA… (sounds very important now)


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