Portobello Road

Being a London girl, born and bred I love going back into London and having a good rummage around. Living on the outskirts does have its advantages, you can pop in when you like admire the glorious capital then turn around and go back out into the countryside.

Last week I decided to meet my friend in London and take a stroll down Portobello Road, one of my favourite streets in London, lined with cute pastel coloured town houses and full with stalls selling all kinds of treasures and trinkets.  Portobello Road features in one of my most favourite films growing up, I want to take this take to share this nostalgic song with you…

The market was bustling with people, here there and everywhere. On a delightfully sunny day in London what can be better than admiring the fantastic array or products and talking to all the cheerful shopkeepers about their long days on the market, listening to their stories about Doris who buys 2 potatoes everyday and a turnip or about the man in the red hat who walks the length of Portobello market everyday and never buys one single item, only observes.

I WILL live in a house like this one day!

We had a leisurely lunch in a garden in the sky, well in actual fact it was a restaurant at the top of a long flight of stairs. The restaurant was heavily decorated with plants and trees and all kinds of sweet smelling things, hence why I thought from a distance it looked like a restaurant in the sky. It was Thai cuisine and absolutely gorgeous. Leaving my garden in the sky sufficiently full up we decided to visit Primrose Hill.

Primrose Hill has to be is the definition of Idilic. Littered with sophisticated Cafes and oozing with class Primrose Hill I discovered on this very day, is the place I aspire to live one day.. one day… in the distant future. Everyone had a dog which suits me fine because I am a HUGE animal lover and often trott around with my sheltie. It had a couple of quaint little book shops which is great because I could spend hours looking at books of all different kinds. The only thing standing in my way is the £1 million plus price tag attached to most property in the lovely Primrose Hill, but ever the optimist I will not prevail, even if I had to live in someones shed for a while I will one day live in Primrose Hill!


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