Getting myself into hairy situations!

Oh dear oh dear!

I had quite a catastrophe today.. Last night I decided to dye my hair with a home colouring kit, seemed perfectly simple there was the main dye which you had to mix with a cream solution then spread it evenly across the roots and hair..sounds simple enough so far.

45mins later… I still have the dye in my hair, I start to notice that my hair is turning a bluey/grey to begin to panic slightly but I convinced myself it was all part of the process and when I washed it out it would be a lovely blonde colour, oh how naive I am.
…I washed out the dye and blow dried my hair to discover my hair was an all over grey toned blonde. I thought that maybe this weird new hair colour I had unintentionally created would look alright and due to our very dimly lit house which seemed to compliment the colour everyone said it looked okay so I went to bed feeling quite content, Oh how very VERY wrong I was.
Woke up this morning to find that my hair in the daylight was a very merky, quite clearly GREY colour with patches of blonde scattered throughout, sounds lovely doesnt it?

I got sorted with the help of a good hairdressser but It just made me think.. these home dyes are meant to be reliable and you are putting alot of trust into these products and in my case had a disastrous outcome! How many more people is this happening to? It doesn’t say anywhere on the packaging not to use it if you are not naturally blonde, it even openly encourages people with naturally dark hair to go blonde, so what on earth happened?
I will never ever dye my hair myself ever again which annoys me because as a student I cannot afford to constantly go to hairdressers and I feel deceived by the £5 price of the home dye because I ended up having to pay so much more..surely this isn’t fair and I really hope this isn’t happening other students who think they are finding a cheap alternative to hairdressers the only advice I have is DON’T DO IT!


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